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It’s becoming more and more common to hear about breast reductions, and it seems that women around the world are suffering with all sorts of medical problems due to the weight and size of their breasts. A breast reduction isn’t exactly as controversial as having breast implants put in, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less traumatic. In fact any type of breast augmentation isn’t just to alter a physical appearance in one way or another; it’s actually quite a problematic in and of itself.
So how can you be sure that breast surgery is the right thing for you? Well for a start, if you’re unhappy with your breasts, or if they are causing you to suffer as a result of their appearance or weight, then a boob job may definitely be the way to go. After a recent survey of 1000 women, it was discovered that a whopping 91% of them are unhappy with the way that their breasts look and feel. It’s not just large breasts that seem to be the problem either; from breasts that are too small, all the way to triple cups that have led to severe spinal pain and damage – they are the most commonly complained about part of the female body.

The Benefits of Blepharoplasty Surgery

One of the most common reasons behind wanting eyelid surgery is to help to reduce the effects of aging, including the removal of wrinkles and age lines. Most eyelid surgeons will have plenty of experience in tightening loose skin and improving the general appearance of skin as an organ, which is vital when it comes to taking care of the sensitive skin around the eye area. Although the procedure is more common in men and women over the age of 60, it is increasing in popularity amongst those between the ages of 25-40 in order to tackle the first signs of aging.

Understanding Liposuction

The word liposuction is one of the most commonly misunderstood medical terms on the planet, but that doesn’t make the treatment any less of a necessity for people all around the world. Liposuction comes from the Latin word Lipo, which translates to fat. As a result, liposuction loosely translates to ‘fat sucking’. Although this approach makes the method sound fairly basic; it’s actually a very technical medical procedure that involves sensitive equipment and advanced techniques.
There are a broad range of reasons why an individual may require liposuction; from a hereditary illness, all the way to excessive calorie consumption. In either instance, it’s not uncommon for large volumes of fat to accumulate around the stomach, waist and thighs and if left untreated, this fat can lead to several well-known and fatal medical conditions.

Types of breast implant

When it comes to the types of breast implant, there are two options available. The first are silicone shells that are filled with saline (sterile salt water), and the second are silicone shells that filled with silicone (a plastic gel).

What to know about the breast implant procedure

There is currently an age requirement for breast implant surgery. As the female body can continue to develop breasts until women reach between 18 and 21, the FDA has stipulated that breast augmentation with saline-filled implants should only be carried out on women over the age of 18, whereas augmentation with silicone implants should only be carried out on women over the age of 22. I am always searching for better ways to achieve positive outcomes for my patients and so I now offer both of these techniques in my clinics. For my patients, this means less invasive procedures with a corresponding reduced risk and a quicker recovery period. Our lasers are the most advanced available on the market today, which means that we are able to treat a wide variety of aesthetic-related conditions.